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The Home of Young People's Life Skills for Business

Welcome! We inspire and support young people who want the life skills to start their own business. We’ll provide everything you need on your exciting journey! 

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A Social Enterprise Company

A Social Enterprise Company Working For You

GenZ Insight are proud to be a Social Enterprise companyGenZ Insight is a certified social enterprise company. That means 'our primary purpose is addressing a social challenge rather than creating profit for owners or shareholders'. 

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Our Mission

Our Mission

To support, foster and inspire young people to become successful entrepreneurs, by first giving them the life skills for business. Here’s a quote we live by: ‘Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.’

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GenZ Insight

The Life Skills to Start Your Own Business

Do you worry you don’t have enough life skills, experience or knowledge to tackle the world of work and maybe your own business? Then this is the place for you. Mental health, getting finance, talking to people in suits, dealing with tax authorities – it can all be challenging, but rest easy, we’ve got you. 

Whether you have the fire to get on but aren’t sure how, or maybe you’re trying a side-hustle or even launching a start-up, we’ll provide everything from inspiration to information. We’ll be there beside you on your life journey for as long as you need us or want us. Welcome to our growing family! 

GenZ Insight are proud to be a Social Enterprise companyA Social Enterprise

GenZ Insight is a social enterprise company. Our focus is on those who are having more of a struggle, whatever that struggle might be.

So what is a social enterprise? The definition is that social enterprises: 'are driven by a social/environmental mission and reinvest profits into creating positive social change.' That means we have to publicly and legally show that we 'walk the walk as well as talk the talk'. 

Who Are We?

Hello! We are the core team: Elle Macintosh, Guy Ellis, Graham Scott, Ella Murray and Kate Wright. See us on the About page to learn how we can help you. 

How Does This Work?

Good question. It works for you. Here’s how: 


We have loads of free material for you. Blogs, insights, inspiration, experience, knowledge, all here for you. Feel free to browse, and come back when you’re ready. Check out Blog and Resources as places to start.


In addition to the free stuff, you can also access e-learning, as well as coaching, seminars and webinars in the near future, at really low prices. We offer both our own e-learning - the entrepreneurial journey - as well as third party content on a range of topics from personal skills, mental health and sales. While you have to provide your details so that you can continue to access the e-learning for six months, you can choose to receive regular communications from us or not.  


For a nominal monthly fee, you can access all of our resources, including our paid for materials at a 50% discount. We’ll also give you advance warning of events, a regular newsletter and other surprises.

Self Learning

We are constantly adding to our range of courses, everything from: ‘How can I get an idea?’ through ‘How do I put a business plan together?’ to ‘How do I interview for my first employee?’ Whatever your real-world issue, we have courses you can go through at your own pace to help you navigate your exciting adventure.

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Looking up videos on YouTube is certainly helpful, but there’s nothing like speaking to an expert, one-on-one. Every worry, thought and plan can be individually explored and resolved. GenZ Insight has a panel of experts, many of them GenZers themselves, with a range of experience in entrepreneurship that you can access. Costs are sensible, and you can book a time-slot with the expert of your choice. Check back to see who is available for mentoring as we will be constantly adding to this list!

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Seminars for up to 6 people, webinars for up to 100 people – the choice is yours. Subjects will include finance, insurances, the law and accountancy as well as marketing, websites, purpose, employee engagement and much more. Work in progress! Please check back for updates and dates. 

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