Dyslexia Redux

For young entrepreneurs there are pros and cons

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty. Back in the day it often wasn't diagnosed and you got called 'slow' or 'not very bright'. Now we know it's a mental condition that means you can have problems with 'visual and auditory processing'. In other words, dyslexics learn and see the world differently. For GenZ entrepreneurs, that's catnip. 

This means they can come up with unique answers to problems; be wildly creative; and have dazzling verbal skills. It affects 10% of the UK population but out of the five core team at GZI, one is dyslexic, and one has a dyslexic son and for both they view it - and others view it - as their superpower. 

As a young entrepreneur, don't take it as a setback. An amazing 40% of UK millionaires are dyslexic - you're in good company! 

Want to know more? Check out the British Dyslexia Association. 

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