Now look what we've done! We've gone and published our first book. Although it's written by two of the founders, Graham Scott and Guy Ellis, it's obvious that there's also big input from the third founder, Chris O'Brien. And there's input from collectively about 90 years of experience. And there's input from everyone from GenZers themselves to Special Forces, to philosophers, CEOs and even a Roman Emperor.

We wanted to publish a practical book that was, first and foremost, focused on GenZ in the workplace. And that meant the book had to answer two key questions.

Who are GenZ? That is, how are they different to or similar to other generations? What are their attitudes to learning, morality, communication, mental health, corporate life and every other major aspect of their personal and professional lives? Having identified and focused our understanding of them, we need to then address the second question.

How do you become a GenZ Magnet? That is, how does your organisation attract, onboard, manage, motivate and retain them? This answer includes a wealth of practical real-world answers to that complex question. The key here is we wanted to bring practical ideas and experience into what would otherwise be a simply theoretical issue.

We offer practical programmes and activities that organisations can adopt to ensure that they do indeed become GenZ Magnets. Because, let’s face it, GenZ are the only game in town. Nobody else is arriving fresh into the workplace other than GenZ. So focusing hard on them makes sound sense and you will reap the rewards.

At a time of economic and job uncertainty, there will be a tendency to follow the old ‘last in, first out’ rule. But that would be a mistake. GenZ are the future, and they have strong ideas about how that future is going to look. You can’t lock them out of it, since we – older generations – are not the future, they are. So this book is a timely resource to help you extract the absolute maximum from both the present and future.  

Oh, and there’s a bonus chapter on how to market to GenZ as well. We wanted to fit in, a bit. We’ve also included a comprehensive bibliography of sources, further reading and everything we could think of to help everyone get the very best from GenerationZ.


GenZ Insight: How To Make Your Organisation A GenZ Magnet

Authors: Graham Scott and Guy Ellis

Publisher: The Message Medium

Pagination: 132 pages

Price: print £14.99 ($19.99); ebook £9.99 ($9.99)

Publication date: 31 July 2020

Available through: and

We're already starting to get five-star reviews, but would love your feedback. If you’d like a signed or personalised copy - and we're definitely getting those requests already - or would like a copy for review, please do contact us at



“They are perhaps the most brand-critical, bullshit-repellent, questioning group around.”

Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of Innovation at JWT

“GenerationZ are Millennials on steroids.”

Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of Innovation at JWT

“GenerationZ are self-starters, not selfie-takers.”

Lucozade Energy report

“Millennials– Self-centred. Generation Z – Self-aware.”

Ernst & Young

“Generation Z characterises itself by highlighting the need for passion and motivation in their work.”

Claire Stradling, Manager of Charities and NFP