1. Feedback is the life blood of GenZers. Constant formal and informal feedback is critical and allows GenZ to not only learn from their failures but also make their way around what for many of them is an unfamiliar and ambiguous environment.

2. Objectives should be measurable, linked to the organisation’s strategy or purpose with a reasonable timescale.

3. Traditional performance management processes are not appropriate for managing GenZ. Consider replacing or complementing them with processes that use the power of technology, allow for regular reviews and informal feedback.

4. Managers are crucial to managing GenZ. Set clear objectives that link to the organisation’s purpose, provide regular feedback and mentor your GenZ staff.

5. Ensure that diversity and inclusion as well as mental health is built into your performance management processes.

With performance management, GenZers want feedback, clear measurable objectives and managers who guide and mentor them.

“They are perhaps the most brand-critical, bullshit-repellent, questioning group around.”

Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of Innovation at JWT

“GenerationZ are Millennials on steroids.”

Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of Innovation at JWT

“GenerationZ are self-starters, not selfie-takers.”

Lucozade Energy report

“Millennials– Self-centred. Generation Z – Self-aware.”

Ernst & Young

“Generation Z characterises itself by highlighting the need for passion and motivation in their work.”

Claire Stradling, Manager of Charities and NFP