How do I recruit GenZ?

1) Use a variety of media to attract them including multiple social media platforms, print, events and word of mouth. GenZ use a variety of ways to communicate with the world.

2) Provide as much role and organisational information online including organisational vision, purpose and values, profiles of people of a similar age as well as the skills and knowledge required for the role and your salary expectations. GenZ want and expect everything they need to know to be online.

3) Ensure the application process is online, efficient and provides personalised feedback. If in doubt, communicate more.

4) Use real managers and colleagues wherever possible and do not rely on Human Resources and Recruiting professionals. GenZ want to talk to the people that they will be working with.

5) When recruiting internally, create an organisational job marketplace that is based on skills, knowledge and experience and provide as much information as you can about role expectations, timeframes and future opportunities. GenZ want facts, not vague promises.

When it comes to recruitment, GenZers expect quick responses, and positive and personalised experiences built on consumer-grade technology.

“They are perhaps the most brand-critical, bullshit-repellent, questioning group around.”

Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of Innovation at JWT

“GenerationZ are Millennials on steroids.”

Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of Innovation at JWT

“GenerationZ are self-starters, not selfie-takers.”

Lucozade Energy report

“Millennials– Self-centred. Generation Z – Self-aware.”

Ernst & Young

“Generation Z characterises itself by highlighting the need for passion and motivation in their work.”

Claire Stradling, Manager of Charities and NFP