Soul Work Redux

Purpose For Young Entrepreneurs

According to the Urban Dictionary, soul work is: 

'Work that soothes, comforts and reaffirms your deep values and beliefs.'

As a GenZ entrepreneur, notice two things. 

This means focusing on what really motivates you, moves you, and makes you feel good about what you do. 

And it starts with that word 'work'. That can mean working for a charity, yourself, a multi-national, whatever, but it means putting work into it. Sitting around pondering your soul may be good for you. But doing your soul work is not only good for you it's also good for others. 

So what is your soul work? What is it that will make both you and the world better? 

Let us know, spell it out, what is your soul work? And how can we help you achieve that? Helping you is our soul work. 

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