1. Social media – they have never lived without it and cannot imagine doing so

2. Work – provides a chance to express themselves and learn new skills and knowledge

3. Money – critical to ensure independence and flexibility

4. Learning and making mistakes – a lifelong process, mistakes are simply a chance to learn what doesn’t work

5. Mental health – an essential part of their overall health, something to accept and talk about

6. Personal brand – is both on-line and in real life, it needs to be managed

7. Morality – purpose is critical because without purpose, what is the point?

8. Life – there is no work-life balance, only life.

“They are perhaps the most brand-critical, bullshit-repellent, questioning group around.”

Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of Innovation at JWT

“GenerationZ are Millennials on steroids.”

Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of Innovation at JWT

“GenerationZ are self-starters, not selfie-takers.”

Lucozade Energy report

“Millennials– Self-centred. Generation Z – Self-aware.”

Ernst & Young

“Generation Z characterises itself by highlighting the need for passion and motivation in their work.”

Claire Stradling, Manager of Charities and NFP