For Educational Institutions

Are you an educational or vocational establishment? Whether a school, college, university, vocational training centre or some other learning institution, we have help and resources for you and your students.

There are two main advantages for you:

1. You and your students gain heavily discounted access to our established courses and resources

2. We offer bespoke learning solutions - for example:

• A series of two-hour weekly courses over 10 weeks to ensure your students can start up a business, legally, safely and, hopefully, successfully. These can be in real time or pre-recorded.

• A module that can be bolted on to courses you run – for example if you are teaching them how to be an electrician – covering aspects from a successful business mindset to dealing with everything from the bank to an insurance broker and HMRC.

• A one-off half-day webinar focused on a specific business topic, such as starting up or scaling up.

To find out more please do contact us for a no-obligation chat. Whatever your constraints, on time or on budget, we know we can deliver the best learning experience for you and your students.

For Organisations with GenZ employees

Are you an organisation that is thinking of taking on a GenZ employee, either from school, college or university? Are you concerned about onboarding this very different generation?

Or do you already have GenZ employees and are struggling to engage, motivate and retain them?

Our trusted Partner, Courageous Workplaces, who has over 20 years of delivering practical advice and training to corporate audiences across the world, can help you to connect with this exciting, motivated yet very different employee group. Take the link below to find out.


Link to Courageous Workplaces »

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