Mentoring with Graham Scott

Graham Scott has always liked to forge his own path. In his early 20s he got on a motorbike and travelled through Africa from Cairo to Cape Town. It helped him see the world from different perspectives. An AK-47 in the face or someone offering to share their only food with you often has that effect. 

During his 40-year career so far in the comms industry he has spent most of it working for himself, as a freelance, project manager, agency boss, consultant and serial company-starter (nine at the last count). In the past, one of his co-directors died of a heart attack, another disappeared and was found years later working as a yacht skipper in the West Indies and another left to become the official witch at a tourist attraction. Why not contact him – what could possibly go wrong? 

If you have experiences that you’d like to share by mentoring young people on their entrepreneurial journey – get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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